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The Biggest Hotels in The World

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Maybe you already know that the biggest hotel of the World is still being constructed. That would be Abraj Kudai, with a planned opening date for the 2017. The Hotel will be consisting of 10.000 rooms and is located in Mecca.

However, as Abraj Kudai has not opened yet, we still have a chance to look at the record keeper hotels for the time being and maybe plan or dream of visiting one of them, why not?


Here they come:


First World Hotel

This one in Malesia will be the biggest hotel until 2017 and is also remarkable with its rainbow colors. It has 7351 rooms, a theme park inside and shopping center as an extra.



Venetian and Palazzo

These sister hotels sound like they are in Italy but not, they are located in Las Vegas but constructed around the Italian focus. Having 7000 rooms, they also have of course important classics and a casino.



MGM Grand & Signature

Again, located in Las Vegas, 6852 rooms are hosting guests at the MGM Grand and sister Signature with additional arena for 16800 people and 20 Restaurants.



The CityCenter

CityCenter complex has 6790 rooms and is the last biggest hotel from Las Vegas. Aria Resort and its Casino is fascinating.



Sands Cotai Central

6000 rooms belong to China’s hotel which consists of 4 Hotels, including the biggest Holiday Inn of the World. Having an 12 square meter big garden and lots of spa centers, also pools and restaurants makes the Hotel more breathtaking.



Izmailovo Hotel

In the 1980’s when this one was opened, it was the record holder for a certain amount of time with its 5000 rooms. The Izmailovo Hotel is in Moscow. Bowling, billiard saloons, coffees and restaurants are serving its guests.



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