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The Case of Work and Expectations of Today’s Tourism

The Case of Work and Expectations of Today’s Tourism.
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Hi All,

I will be part of the Tourism portal “Turizm Global” which I believe will be very successful. With 18 dedicated years of experience as a soldier of the tourism industry I will be writing articles about what has not been said and what you think should be said. All of this will coincide with the vision of Mr Emre Gelen, the founder and one of the editors of this site.

In today’s city hotel management the conditions increasingly harder and employees are not what they used to be. The struggles to achieve are not recognized in today’s younger generation nor are the conditions provided by employees as generous as they were back in the golden years of hotel management.

These two criterions are partly due to the managers and also observed as an obstruction of the development of leadership conditions. People that become hotel managers go through some stages: First, showing ones abilities to ones employees and if one can should manage to get ones points across at the very least. After that one starts thinking hard about how to work with employees to get a high level of motivation in order to achieve maximum performance under minimal conditions.

Today’s young soldiers of tourism want a series of events and projects that add to their self worth and happiness rather than their material gain.

These are listed in order:

  • In the process of recruitment the interview should be effective, pushing the worker and adding value to the prospective employee,
  • There should be a correct and efficient orientation before an employee officially starts work,
  • In the hotel, physical needs and safety should be priority as in the first two steps of Maslow’s pyramid,
  • Rules in management, as a whole, should comply with today’s conditions,
  • The explanation of targets and correctly putting across the hotel’s mission and vision for success,
  • Relevant employees must ensure the hotel’s social awareness in the tourism industry,
  • Active involvement in the establishment’s social responsibility projects,
  • Education provided, on premises, in order to develop the personal characteristics of employees,
  • Social events, on premises, to strengthen team spirit,
  • Not just remembering employees’ special occasions but also giving them hobby-based presents and surprises,
  • Giving employees, and their families, gifts and vouchers during Ramadan and Holy Eid,
  • Small contributions at the time of marriage and birth.

The acceptance and application of these aforementioned points indicates the hotel’s vision and creates an establishment with obedient workers and less employment circulation.

It’s down to the department managers that are being correctly directed by the hotel managers to get the maximum benefit in return for all these events and projects.

You might ask how to realise this in small establishments. It can be achieved with correct planning and budget control; you can balance it with small social contributions to the wages instead of pay rises.

It is possible to face employer’s expectations in a chaotic environment if you cannot balance the execution of reward and punishment.

In addition to the events and projects listed above, knowledge is another key factor that should be used in order to get people to listen to you and get better performance. With the right knowledge and determination of the employer success is inevitable.

Best regards

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