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The City Which Stops The Time: Rothenburg

Merve Ateş
Merve Ateş
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Stop the time in cute medieval city of Germany; Rothenburg isn’t as impossible as you think. One of the most protected city of the world Rothenburg is the most beautiful point for explore, back to the history, amusement and peace…

Withstand to time, be yourself even time passes… A city succeeds the thing, humanbeings have never succeeded until today… It stopped the time at its most beautiful years.

It doesn’t need to any mirror to hear your beauty also. Whoever passes near from it, they can’t be hindered theirself to admire.

You should drop over to Rothenburg, if you search a new route, hope unforgettable memories and take a journey in the history.

You can learn the things, that you should know before visit Rothenburg, in this article.

It’s time to look closer to the cutest city of Germany:

General Informations

▪ Rothenburgs complete name is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The city situates in Franconia Region, Bavyera State. Mean of Rothenburg name is Red Small Town. The name comes from German Rot(Red) and Burg(Town, Medieval Bourg) words.



▪ You can see all of the city the affects of romanticism. In 1880’s, romantic artists arranged the city and Rothenburg became the centre of tourism.

Tours had been frequently organized to Rothenburg, which Nazi government had been accepted like completely ‘German’ town.

▪ It should add that Pinocchio movie was filmed in this town…





Where Should Go, What Should Do?

▪  First of all, start your trip at Romantische Straße Street. You will feel the nostalgia in whirls. Noel village, lanterns will probably gain your attention. After, see important historical works and buildings from Mediaeval during your visit Spitalviertel.


Noel at Rothenburg


Noel at Rothenburg-2

▪ Sure, your trip didn’t end at here. Although Rothenburg is small town, it has a lot of destinations to visit.

Among the points should be seen in the city are: Rathaus, Markt Square, Romantic Way, Rathausturm, Puppen-und-Spielzeugmuseum(Puppet And Toy Museum), Deutsches Weihnachtmuseum (Christmas Museum), St. Wolfgang Church, Town Walls, Siebers Towers, Medieval Crime Museum, Medieval Double Bridge


St Mark Square


A castle in snow, Rothenburg

▪ Participate traditional Night Watchmen tour, which have been realized at 20.00 PM. With balloon tours, you can watch sunrise and sunset also.

What Should Eat, Drink?

You should taste traditional desert of Rothenburg Snowball, hot wine, Küchla(desert), Zwiebelkuchen(cake), Bruschetta dish.



Its Favourite Destinations  

According to TripAdvisor users’ comments 10 best destinations to visit in Rothenburg are: Old Town, Town Walls, Rathaus, Burggarten, St. Jacob’s Church, Medieval Crime Museum, Das Plönlein, Night Tours, Christmas Museum and Schmiedgasse.

Almostly all destinations in the list, have Certificate of Excellence.

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