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The Europe Guide by Season Facts: Where and When to Go? – 1

Beste Eşerler
Beste Eşerler
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To discover a new destination in every possible occasion is certainly one of the musts of travel lovers. For this perspective, with it’s geological position and its diversified tourism options; Europe is taking a first place in the whole world. Although it’s offers are very various; does not the thing be to find the optimum period of the destination and maximise the benefit? There you are the Europe Guide by the season facts: where to go, what to see…




The most colourful month of Europe… Thanks to Christmas soul which is existing on all continent, a plenty of Christmas markets, shows, music, dance, family dinners and celebrations… The rituals of Christmas came from the local culture and more exist every side of Europe in this period. Although Strasbourg, Munich and Brussels are known by their famous Christmas markets; it’s possible to find them in everywhere in Europe. 


In the first month of the year, for whom got bored from the  bad effects of winter and desire to benefit from the sun even if it’s not too strong as other seasons, Andalusia in South Spain or Faro in South Portugal would be the best options. Far away from the climate effects of summer which interrupt general a summer trip to those areas would be offer the best smooth air condition and allow their visitors to discover every corners of regions.


The second month of the year is very available to benefit from the cold weather and throw up all year’s stresses by winter sports. Especially with school’s midterm holiday, hotels start to send their special offers to their customers which allows a family trip together. Even if everyone knows, Alps and Pyrenees are first options for a winter vacation; they would be out for those who does’t have a large budget. For those who don’t like snow deeply, Murcia region in Spain would be an excellent choice for a long tracking and nature activities. For action lovers the best option is seeing Venice Carnaval which let us to discover the city differently.



Event if the last pieces of snow of the year are still existing in somewhere, for this time it’ll be appropriate to save a city break to Rome or Barcelona in our Europe Guide. Before the high temperature of summer it’ll be the last chance to discover the cultural side of cities and advance the history, art, gastronomy experiences. For who doesn’t afraid of winter and freeze, Lapland in North Scandinavia does offer an unique experience of observation the magnificent aurora polaris.


The best choice for this period of the year would be to visit the Mediterranean Isles with came out of spring greens by winter end. Although the temperature is still not available for a sea swimming; only watching season beauties is extremely enough. For that kind of break, Crete and Balearic Islands are the right alternatives.


The one and only destination: Middle Europe. The most suitable period in all 12 months. It could not be thinking a better time for long city tours and respire spring’s smooth air in Vienna, Prague or Budapest. At North, it’s time to see one of the best spring countries of the world: Scotland. Conquered by rain during a longtime in year, this period is the most dry phase of the country. That’s why our Europe Guide advice is certainly this month for who wants to discover the Scottish culture.

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