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The Explore Guide Series Part 2: Nice

Merve Ateş
Merve Ateş
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Second part of the serie we have a totally new point, which situates by the sea: Peaceful coast city of France Nice… It’s time to learn why this city is so beautiful and how it is explored! Here, Nice explore guide below:

Everything about Nice

Firstly we will start with the general news. Nice is the fifth biggest city of France and at the same time the most assertive one for tourism. Locates between Marseille and Genova, Nice has 350.000 population.

You can find sincerity of Mediterranean people at Nice. People are helpful and pretty affectionate.

Greeks built the city before christian era. After it came under the domination of Romans. And after France… You can see the Italian traces in the city. With its big walking and bike ways, nature, people, architecture, it offers you peace and stillness.

nice_tg (2)


5 reasons to love Nice

  • Nice is a wonderful step for sea lovers, who want to be far from the noise. Everwhere, sea is in the face of you.


  • Because Mediterranean climate, Nice has mild weather. You can go there evertime.
  • Different civilisations were enrichment the city. It has very deep culture. Several culture and art activies are exist.
  • Nice is both peaceful point and centre of amusement. You have a lot of things to do there.
  • Colourful houses, fountaims, very green gardens, pools and sea meet at the same place. Isn’t it beautiful?

Colourful houses, Nice

nice_tg (3)


Where should go?

  • You should visit Flower market, Massena Square, La Chapelle de la Misericorde, Matisse Museum, Nice Old Town, St. Nicholas Cathedral, British Promenade, Bay of Angels, Gustav Eiffel Hotel, Cours Saleya, Jean Medecin Square.

British promenade


Nice Old Town

  • Drop over Nice Opera and Nice Theater, which have been hosted a lot of cultural activities. But you should be quick to buy a ticket.
  • Also, you can prefere dress markets, Paradise, Suede and Jean Medecin Street for shopping.

What should be?

  • Get your bike and take city tour. Smell of see will accompany you.
  • Also, go swimming at one of the deep blue and clean Nice beaches.
  • Visit absolutely Nice market, dress and fruir bazaar.
  • Taste famous food of the city Nice salad.
  • If you drop over to Nice in July, participate Jazz festival.
  • You should necessarily nice theaters and concerts.
  • Don’t miss the Carnaval Festival…
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