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The Most Romantic Hotel in the World

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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La Casa Que Canta Hotel in Mexico, also called the House that Sings is described “a little heaven” by its guests.

Zihuatanejo Bay view is certainly more than enough to earn this title. People are coming from all over the World only to see this natural beauty before gathering comments about the hotel and then fall in love with the hotel too.




La Casa Que Canta was 6 times awarded with the perfectness by Trip Advisor. Its pools filled with sea water, terracotta colored rooms and handmade furniture glamorizes each guest. The sound of the Pacific Ocean additionally gives amazement to everyone.

The 25-roomed boutique hotel is almost every year chosen as the “most romantic hotel” worldwide and commented as “magical”.




The hotel team is like a real family, thoughtful, helpful and predicting all needs beforehand and doing all necessary moves in such a silence that the guests really feel that they are all alone with the important other ones. Which means they know what romanticism stands for.




There are also active activities like hiking, yoga and diving besides the swimming in private pools or relaxing at the hammock.

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