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The Secret of the Happiest Counties

The Secret of the Happiest Counties
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United Nations report revealed the happiest countries in the world. The counties on top of the list are known for their natural beauty.

In the raking of the happiest countries, which is prepared by experts on economy, psychology, health and public policy, “the home of chocolate and watches” Switzerland was number one. The runner-ups are Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada. The fact that most counties on the top part of the list are from Northern Europe is worth a notice.

You too can take advantage of the happiness going on by visiting these destinations. Here’s some nice options.


1. Switzerland

Known for its nature, economy and elaborate craftsmanship, Switzerland should be at the top of your “where to go” list. With its glorious castle and beauty the village Spiez by Lake Thun will make you feel you’re at the heart of Switzerland.


2. Iceland

Happy countries have a thing in common: Nature. Iceland has so much more beauties to discover than the Northern Lights. Ponny-like furry Icelandic horses are one of these.


3. Denmark

Beside being the third happiest county, Denmark’s Aarhus city is one of the happiest cities in the world. This can be due to the abundance of arts and culture. Aarhus will be the European Capital of Culture in 2017.


4. Norway

Here’s another Northern European county with beautiful natural settings. In the photo you see Preikestolen (Pulpit Stone) in Lyse located in the south of Norway. You’ll have to hike 1,5 hour to reach the top which is at 600 meters but its most probable you won’t want to go back down.


5. Canada

In Canada it’s possible to do various outdoor sports like canoeing, rafting and hiking at one of it’s many natural parks. You can also go to sea from Vancouver for whale watching.

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