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The System “Waiting Without Borders”

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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It is known that blind people have the extraordinary ability to feel every object better in details by one touch. After the touch of the certain element or someone’s face parts, the real imagining is done automatically within ones’ brain.

We have experienced before that art pieces, books with visuals, maps and even museum visits can now be printed 3D and therefore are reachable to visually impaired people.

Now, the IN UTERO 3D family owned company in Poland combined the newest technological skills with the skills of the impaired and created a magnificent result.


IN UTERO 3D company owner Aleksandra Witkowska remembers her first feelings when she saw the ultrasound pictures of her children. Certainly this is one of the main reasons why Witkowska started this project, to enable also blind parents to feel, touch and experience this natural wonder.


There are many companies printing 3D but IN UTERO 3D company is unique when it comes to a worldwide assistance to any parent who wishes the 3D files of their baby.


Sending the ultrasound visual via email to the company is even enough. The so to say “price” for the revision of the file is 1 €uro.

The system they are using here is named “Waiting Without Borders”. Cartesian Volume Files (.vol) format or DICOM (.dcm) formats appropriate to Aloka devices are accepted from the pregnancy visuals of the 18th week to the 30th week.

By this way, all around the world impaired parents receive back their baby pictures in files as .stl  ya da .obj and can go running to print their babies’ faces in 3D.https://inutero3d.pl/?page_id=562&lang=en





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