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The Unbearable Lightness of Travelling by Car

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Since we are all lacking the time needed nowadays, we prefer the vehicles which move us to the desired destination at the quickest time possible. However, especially women should not forget that the cars are the most comfortable vehicles which carry the heaviest luggage with you.


It is a real problem to travel by plane with the limited luggage weight. Moreover, when there are more than one destinations in your route, it is even a bigger problem. Which clothes have to be chosen? What happens if the one and only day is there in which you need the special cloth which you normally forget 364 days? Are three pairs of shoes enough ? And think about it, when you are travelling during winter times, how extraordinary experienced you must be to pack the winter shoes ?


Therefore, travelling by car should be thought more often. Especially when you love the flexibility to decide spontaneously and stop on every corner to experience new adventures, when you get nervous of the take-off time of a plane or are more comfortable to have all of your belongings with you.. then you are the “car travelling person”.

Think about the possibilities you might come across. You can find different places to explore and tell your friends about these destinations when you are back from your vacation and make a more scheduled visit for the next time.



You can taste many different meals in more local areas which you never knew before.

For sure, if the pros and cons are calculated more people would prefer to start the engine with all the luggage behind to go exploring new places by car.

Drive Safely !




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