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Tourism Marketing: Not without Videos

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Visual promotion, films and videos are among the most successful digital marketing tools. Almost all companies are using these tools for their campaigns.

Google has announced a result of their research as below:


  • 79% of the internet users prefer YouTube in order to watch videos about their travel destinations. No matter if the videos are professional or not.
  • It is known that 66% of the travelers decide according to these videos.
  • 54% of the travelers choose their hotels after watching again the videos online.
  • And lastly, 63% plan their activities at the target destination by watching videos online.


Videos are far the best way to share experiences, arouse feelings and ideas among visual promotion tools. Therefore, it is also very important for the tourism sector.

In order to have a more effective video online:

* The video should be not so long: 59% of the online researchers’ watch videos less than a minute only. According to Wista.com, 37% watch and share videos under 15 seconds however videos more than 30 seconds are not preferred to be shared that much.

* You have only 10 minutes to attract attention: When your video does not appeal to the watcher within 10 minutes, you may lose 25% of your online video followers.

* The videos have to be accessible in mobile phones and tablets: Once this is possible, the videos are watched around 3 to 5 minutes long.

* The videos should be suitable to be shared within the social media: According to Invodo.com, 92% of the mobile users share the videos they like. High percentage, isn’t it ?

* Interestingly, online video followers prefer Tuesdays: According to Sysomos.com, 16% of the YouTube followers are sharing links and videos on Tuesdays mostly, between 11.00 – 13.00.

* The video should be fictionalized according to the target audience: Online video followers have very different tastes, the videos should be very target oriented.

* Unnecessary details should be avoided:  Videos must clearly tell what it has to serve and not leave the online video follower with question marks behind.

* Being creative helps: Especially travelers would like to watch also the backstage team of the hotel for instance. Do not hesitate to Show the strength behind your brand.

* One video is not enough: Create more than one video and share them all.

* Choose your tags very carefully: Tags have to be very specific and enable the researches find them easily while using the search engines.



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