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TRAFI: The Easiest Way to Use Public Transportation

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Do you have trouble when you planning which public transportation  to use reaching your target destination. In that case, meet TRAFI which can do this thing in place of  you and get full marks its users with its performance.

We have Istanbul, in which traffic jam is created by vehicles in traffic. In that scenario, TRAFI become attractive with its simple and useable interface. It also aims at raise awareness about public transportation usage among the people.

Currently, TRAFI  operate for about  1.5 years at Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa in Turkey   

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Basically, TRAFI plans possible routes with real time data for all public transportation options.  So you can find routes, stations and timetables of the ferry, bus, subway, metrobus and minibus all. Also when you choose your target destination in app, TRAFI shows the most efficient results of your target destination with the information of fees and durations. In addition, you will able to get how many minutes that you walk and how many bus stops remain.

Lithuania originated startup, continues its activities in Estonia, Latvia and Brazil actively along with Turkey. TRAFI aims at global expansion and opens developing countries with $ 6.5 million the last investment that they got.

You can download TRAFI with your iOS or Android phones. You can also check the information with using web.trafi.com


The other outstanding thing about TRAFI is, they have improving city life and create public transportation usage culture among people with no profit purpose. By this way, TRAFI contributes reducing carbon release and creation of more sustainable cities.

In 2014, TRAFI was considered worthy one of the  “The Best Apps” in year from Apple Turkey and ” Editor’s Choice ” and “Top Developer” badges from Google.

Separate itself  in terms of “reliability” from the other applications that providing the same service, we will heard TRAFI’s name often with new partnerships that they develop.

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