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TURMEPA “There is Life when there is a Sea”

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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The Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association TURMEPA (DenizTemiz, meaning clean Seas) was founded by Mr.Rahmi M. Koç in 1994 in order to leave Turkish coasts and seas clean for future generations.

The foundation has left 22 years behind since starting with only 29 members, reaching now to over 1000 of members. They are continuing their activities for the 8.333 km long coasts of Turkey with branches, regional offices and volunteers.


The leading non-governmental organization TURMEPA does not only target to clean up the coasts but also encourages the folk according to their mission with many trainings and workshops.

Mr.Koç states that:


“We have lightened up a little fire. TURMEPA together with its manpower and finance might not be able to embrace all of our country at once. Therefore, as I always say keeping clean is much easier and economic than trying to clean it afterwards. Do not forget about this truth ever. When you take a little trash out of the water, think about how big a help you are for our target.”



TURMEPA is cooperating with the following companies within the mentioned regions:

Göcek-Dalaman Coasts, sponsored by SANKO Energies, boat named TURMEPA I

Çeşme Coasts, sponsored by Arkas Holding, boat named TURMEPA II

Boat DENİZTEMİZ III – Hisarönü Gulf (no sponsor)

İstanbul Bosporus, sponsored by Ağaoğlu Holding, boat named Ağaoğlu Deniz Süpürgesi (sea cleaner)


And unfortunately the boat named DENİZTEMİZ IV is out of service because of limited finance.

TURMEPA is also cooperating with Sabri Ülker (Ülker Holding) and giving awards for projects including the same target.


For being a volunteer within the association, you only have to apply from below:

Online Form


Do not forget as Koç said: “Keeping clean is always better than trying to clean afterwards”




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