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Victoria’s Secret; the Angels Travel to Paris

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Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Victoria’s Secret is the famous American fashion brand whose shows introduces and continues to glorify gorgeous models like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Irina Shayk even more. The brand mostly produces underwear, sleepwear, accessories and cosmetic items for women.

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The huge fashion brand organizes its yearly show towards the end of each year, which was the 30 th of November for the 2016, but this time in Paris.

The travel of the angels to Paris was as breathtaking as their show which will be aired on the 5th of December but is unstoppably in the social media already and posted everywhere.

The models travelled with the private jet of Victoria’s Secret and had every necessary item in perfectly prepared kits for and with them.

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Before getting into the jet, the beautiful models took the pink runway also designed especially for the occasion and took many pictures.

Wearing pink t-shirts and jeans in the same look, the “Paris 2016” script was remarkable.

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They even took pictures with one little Eiffel model and the French Flag.

Where does the name Victoria’s Secret come from?

Roy Raymond, a businessman, wanted to buy underwear for his wife back in the 1970’s. As he saw how “uncomfortable” the saleswoman was with him, being a man to buy woman underwear, he got uncomfortable himself and decided to open Victoria’s Secret in 1977 where every man should and could go freely and do shopping as they wish.

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No, wrong guessing. Victoria was not his wife. It belongs to the Queen Victoria and originates from the Victorian era, which is also the concept of the store’s design in general. The “Secret” part on the other hand reflects the intimacy overall.

The brand was sold to L Brands in 1982 for 1 Million US Dollars and while Raymonds was leaving, he went with the truth that still the 70% of his customers were women. How ironic is that?


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