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Welcome 2016: Best Christmas Markets From Last Year

Beste Eşerler
Beste Eşerler
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Today, we woke up to a new day with our fresh hopes, expectations and good memories from last year; maybe with a little headache because of the last night. As we’re wishing an excellent year with full of happiness and joy for you, we collected for you the best Christmas moments in Europe: Christmas markets.

From France to Switzerland, there you have below the most shiny and tasty markets in Christmas 2015. Harmonized with crowd and local traditions, these markets will make you wonder to spend your New Year in Europe for forthcoming years. Let’s get it started!



Strasbourg, France

Called also as the small Paris, this city of France has something special in any season; but December is even better. The unique architecture and the beauty of the city –well, I’m not sure where does it come from- come together with the French and German culture –placed on the France and Germany border- and make us to live one of the best Christmas experiences ever.



Paris, France

Ok, that’s true that this city is quite popular among all tourists around the world; but still it did not loose its Christmas beauty under the rush. Beginning from the Concorde square and go trough to middle Champs-Elysée, the Parisian Christmas market is one of the must to see.



Copenhagen, Denmark

Attractions, lights, a unique Denmark decoration… You shouldn’t miss the light show on the lake!



Zurich, Switzerland

Imagine a Christmas market, directly in the main station with an enormous Swarovski covered Christmas tree. This market is one of the biggest ones in all Europe.



Basel, Switzerland

If you’re looking for romance, there you have an option, actually two. Because Basel has two beautiful markets for Christmas named as the most romantic markets in Europe with the decoration and atmosphere. Do not forget to taste Läckerli –gingerbread of Basel- and the local waffle.



Manchester, England

This United Kingdom city has no just one market; but many diffused to all around the city. With this character, Manchester is unique among all European cities.

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