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What Is the Future for Hotels?  

What Is the Future for Hotels?  
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Is it a good thing that all these hotels are opening? Why is the increasing number of tourists not reflected in the figures? According to official figures there were 79 5 star hotels in Istanbul and it’s expected to rise to 123 at the end of 2015.

The average room price is down to 132 Euros after it was 150 Euros; there’s been an increase in the share of the pie.

Most countries in Europe have now lessened the amount of hotels built, as there are increased incentives to renovate the existing structure.

In our country, hotel licenses were given to many that don’t have any infrastructure. Having this many hotels has created more jobs but the problems about finding qualified personnel have been revealed.

The hotels that work with academics in the long-term, rather than with daily solutions, are going to carry hope to the future by lowering the circulation to reduce the cost. Productivity with fewer personnel is essential for any management, but having quality personnel that is qualified and given social rights are the key facts for creating a system.

What matters is to create the right information with the right people in lower staff positions. As the pie has gotten bigger with the increasing number of hotels, there are 2 different types of outcome:

Firstly, the staffs hastily put together is presumed knowledgeable and transfers their misinformed information, harming the staff in training and business, bulking up the structure and causing the establishment to lose prestige.

The second is, the staff put together, especially mid-level managers who know the business well in administration, carry the business forward in both the short and medium term. From the high level management’s point of view, if this success and continuity is not sustained then, unfortunately, the momentum may be lost.

Putting aside the self-owned, international but not franchised establishment in my articles, self-owned businesses cannot last long-term and never will. If we can change one’s self-owned hotel into a system, then despite the front-regional or global ups and downs there is a long-term future for these establishments.

A long time ago, all hotel employees from departments A to Z were pleased. If there are too many problems now it’s not just caused by the role of global and economic impacts but the most important part occurs as a result of uncontrolled expansion. Competition and so on is definitely required but opening similar businesses in an area that has no need shows that the way things are going is unproductive.

One can create supply for target upon completing necessary infrastructural works and by determining vital marketing strategies but it doesn’t seem wise to develop this kind of business if the country hasn’t got a clear plan set for tourism.

From this perspective, it’s necessary to hold informative meetings with experts from the General Directorate of Investment to give instruction to investors on what they could face so that no worker or businessman would be affected negatively in any circumstance.

Wishing to work in a stronger, stable and continuously growing tourism industry.

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