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Wonder Of Stylish Stairs That Make Your Trip Enjoyful-2

Merve Ateş
Merve Ateş
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We continue our article series… This part of our series we will introduce you the stairs that has an interesting design in all cities from all around the world like Syria, İtaly, Chile, Iran, Lebanon and USA.

There is so many things to make colourful our life… We should start from somewhere without thinking big or small, meaningful or non-sense. Some persons, who have a purpose like this, overstep the limit of creativity for make become more colourful our life, not only theirselves’.

Like painting the stairs which we walk on everyday… Somes, did this activity which have been never came to our mind; or that we give up because of thinking other things. But those peoples, they have created these wonderful results.

In the second part of Wonder Of Stylish Stairs That Make Your Trip series, we will continue to look these results again and again.

Philadelphia Art Museum, USA

It isn’t said pointless that art is everywhere. The best argument of this sentence is in the stairs of Philadelphia Art Museum at USA. The stairs which were created for memorilazing of famous painter: Salvador Dali. They were painted in 2005 in case of the Salvador Dali exhibition of the museum. The stairs have been gaining the visitors admire and interess since 10 years.


Philadelphia Art Museum’s stairs

Sicilia, İtaly

These stairs, locate in Sicilia, have a deep historical background. They were constructed in 1608 and re-designed after, with ceramic tiles. Thousands of flowers and candles were used for creation of this view.


The stairs of Sicilia

Damascus, Syria

The person, who painted these stairs isn’t an artist. Syrian students created the ‘peace’ stairs with their lovely labours to reduce the pain of negative conditions in Syria. It’s also make people feel the pretty feelings inside.


Peace Stairs, Syria

Valparaiso, Chile

We mentioned the piano stairs of Valparaiso in Chile last day. There is one more stylish stairs as well as the other, at the same city of Chile. If you drop this lovely city of Chili over; Valparaiso, you should look at these stairs.


The Stairs in Valparaiso

Beirut, Lebanon

As we said ‘colourful life’, it is wrong to not talk about these colourful stairs. These stairs which give a person happiness, are located the capital city of Lebanon: Beirut.


The stairs of Beirut

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