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Writings About Tourism Due to Curiosity

Writings About Tourism Due to Curiosity
Sedat Bornovalı
Sedat Bornovalı
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I would like to start with my best wishes and a heartfelt thank you, as is tradition. I offer my congratulations to the “Turizm Global” family for the start of their new site and also thank them further for valuing my opinion and taking me amongst them.

They strictly demanded that only experts give their opinions on what they know best in this professionally approached publication. I also feel obliged to express gratitude for making an exception for me, as I am not an expert on this, by any means.

With the idea that someone who’s not an expert can have interests I rolled up my sleeves and started writing out of curiosity.  Without trying my editor’s patience I will try to share this with you as much as I can and to the very best of my ability.

I’m hoping that, at least, my writings might bring out some expertise from my readers and some of them might share their knowledge in order to answer their these curious questions with their own comments.

Today my subject of curiosity is on Tourism (especially tourist guidance that I am a direct part of) and it’s comparability to other professions.

As my everyday observations of the regular and insistent requests made to Istanbul Chamber of Tourist guides, where I have been undertaking an administrative role for years, I can confirm that tourist guidance is a particular occupation that can be performed easily by anybody and doesn’t require any previous experience.  Also, tourism duties, which can be done by anybody, are only given to tourism professionals esoterically.

On the other hand, just an afterthought, tourism might need some education; nowadays, in our universities, there are dozens of departments teaching hospitality, travel agency, administration, recreation as well as tourism guidance.

Besides, the Tourism sector’s legal foundation is firmly based on Travel Agency Act dated 1972 – Article 1618, and Tourism Guidance Act dated 2012 – Article 6326.

Furthermore, some university students start organizing university/school trips even if they’ve just been on one holiday with their families. Even the university clubs and similar organizations start easily organizing similar events; these activities are managed with substantial budgets

We often encounter students/youngsters getting trained and guiding for organizations attended by guests from other countries or other cities, and immediately using the experience they have learnt in their own lives. Thanks to those students/youngsters, in Istanbul Chamber of Tourism we received a substantial amount of requests for our guides to train them.

Here’s where curiosity comes into play. One wonders, can anybody intend to become a surgeon just because they had an operation once? Or, want to become a lawyer simply because they’ve had legal support and observed legal experts at work? Or wish to become a ship captain just because they went on a cruise? Above all, do they apply to Law Society or Chamber of Doctors for training?

Maybe that is happening, and we just don’t have a clue about it. If we use the same system that is used in the Tourism Sector in other fields, it would be possible to train more doctors, lawyers, engineers and other prestigious professionals in just a few days.

The basis of being a Tourism Professional relies on flexible approaches and a readiness for any kind of situation. But, probably the sector would produce a better added value, as society deserves, if this flexibility was perceived as serving with quick and flexible thinking after an accumulation of years experience instead of being able to become a tourism professional in just a few days.


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