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Wrong Myths About Holidays on Cruises

Leyla Güvenç
Leyla Güvenç
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Cruises have this noble atmosphere and are always different than the other travel vehicles. Even the wind makes people feel different and want to go on board again and again.




Fancy clothes are packed for a cruise vacation but there is still a question mark left in minds due to the myths which are told for years, do not believe in everything.

Cruises Are Not Safe

Wrong. When compared to planes, cruises are safer and statistically have less accidents than airlines.

Seasickness is a Must



Who says that? Cruises built with the state of art engineering possibilities have a larger body and therefor are far more stable on the sea. However, passengers who really feel uncomfortable can still schedule their vacation in more suitable seasons (weather-wise).

One Can Get Sick on Cruises Easier

It is right that being in the same area is a risk with other sick people but not more than anywhere else. If you keep your certain distance, wash your hands, take care of your hygiene there is nothing to worry about.


The Deck Is Always Too Crowded

Not always. It is true that public areas might be sometime crowded but the huge cruise has certainly many silent and peaceful other places for an escape.

Cruises are Boring


Certainly wrong. There are passengers who do not get out of the cruise when they arrive. The full package vacations on cruise offer many different activities for all family members and all kinds of people, far from being boring it is right the opposite.

Cruise Trips are Very Expensive




There are so many cruises in the industry that prices are reasonable nowadays. Also, the offer of a full package holiday with so many possibilities pays the money off.

Do Not “Cruise” Unless You Are Just Married or Retired



It is true that cruises are preferred for honeymoon vacations but it is not true that the younger generations never prefer this travel method. Statistics have shown that generation Y and even Z started to take cruise trips.

Bon Voyage !


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